Vehicle Un-Interruptable Power SupplyVUPS

Mantel VUPS system was developed for a municiple transit system that had problems keeping it's vehicle fleet management tracking system on-line. This VUPS unit provides 5 amp-hours of battery backup power to assure un-interrupted power to vehicle fleet management systems avoiding system re-boots due to temporary low voltage conditions on the vehicle 12V system. Low voltage dropouts resulting from a weak vehicle battery during motor starting or older vehicles with loose electrical connections are avoided with the Mantel Services VUPs.


 High Efficiency DC/DC Power Supply


The US army needed a small compact power supply that could be abused in the field. Mantel Services developed a 60 watt step up/step down power supply that is water resistant, reverse voltage protected, and could widthstand supply ouputs being connected to the power source.  All of this was achieved in a compact 1" x 2" x 4" package. Input power is rated from 9 to 32V DC with output power rated from 5 to 30V DC. Fixed output and user selectable voltage output versions are available.