Through hole hand 20AssyMantel Services origins are in electronic contract manufacturing services (EMS) and we still have strong EMS connections. Not only can we provide design engineering services but we can also take your designs into low cost, high quality "off-shore" electronic contract manufacturing in Mexico. Mantel Services and our manufacturing partner, Micromex, have teamed up to provide the best of US sales and technology support with the best of electronic contract manufacturing services. Unlike Asian based manufacturing, we have the ability to quickly react to changes in your market demand or in your product configurations. Micromex's ISO certified manufacturing facility is located within a 2 hour drive from Tucson in Imuris, Sonora, Mexico.

 As a Mantel Services customer you do not need to worry about international shipping, customs, or transactions. We do that for you. All your transactions are US based. Shipments are FOB Tucson or from our US warehouse in Nogales, Arizona.


 Mantel Services and Micromex have a full array of capabilities to support your manufacturing requirements.

Manufacturing Processes Include

  • ISO certified plant
  • Automated surface mount technology assembly capable of fine pitch device placementcables 2
  • Through hole assembly
  • Wave soldering
  • Cable manufacturing
  • Final assembly and test
  • Coil, inductor, and transformer winding and manufacturing
  • CNC machining
  • No lead soldering processes
  • Packaging