Design Consulting Services

Closed Loop Block Deriv

Product Development

Let Mantel Services be your electronic design resource to take your electronic product requirements through the development cycle into production. During the initial design definition stage, important trade-offs are made for an optimum system architecture. Do you implement a requirement in a processor based or analog base approach is an example of these types of tradeoffs. Let Mantel Services assist and help define these requirements for your application. 






After the architecture is defined, detail design of the hardware and software is next. Circuits are designed, schematics and circuit board layouts are created, and processor firmware/software is developed. 

Sensor BK Bd R0

Prototyping is the next stage in development and at Mantel Services, due to our manufacturing partner, we can offer very fast in-house prototyping of our designs thus shortening the design cycle.  

Once prototyping, testing, and hardware/software integration is complete, we can then smoothly transition your design into our manufacturing facility. Our close relationship with our manufacturing partner ensures your designs will be producible with minimal production/design related issues.

Product Design Expertise

  •  Embedded Hardware design
    • Microchip family of microprocessors
    • Nordic Semiconductor RF/ARM System On Chip (SOC)
    • ARM based processors
    • Echelon based processors for Lonworks
  • Embedded Software and Firmware design
    • C code development
    • Assembly Code development
  • Analog Hardware Design
    • Close loop controls
    • Low power RF
  • Sensors and Conditioning
    • Ultra Low Power Wireless Sensor development
    • Strain Gauge
    • Thermocouple 
    • Current/Power/Voltage
  • Connectivity
    • Cellular Connectivity
    • Low Power Bluetooth
    • ANT Protocol
    • IoT
    • Embedded Web and email server
    • RS232, RS422, I2C, SPI, Lonworks data buses