At Mantel Services we specialize in addressing your unique electronic design requirements. Our strength lies in working with our customers to define their product requirements and turn them into cost effective solutions. Our location in Tucson, Arizona is an ideal location to support you with US based design support coupled with responsive low cost manufacturing in an ISO certified facility located in Imuris, Sonora, Mexico. Use us to be your low cost, on demand, and responsive electronics development and manufacturing group.

 Our design specialties include:

  • Controls
    • Motor Controls
    • Weighing system controls
    • Custom Embedded
    • Programmable Logic (PLC)
  • Remote Monitoring and Sensing
    • Cellular monitoring
    • IoT Sensor internet connectivity
    • Remote Energy Monitoring
    • Vending System Monitoring and status reporting
    • Custom Cellular electronic Interfaces
    • Ultra Low Power Wireless Sensors
    • Thermocouple, Current, Temperature, Strain Gauge sensors
  • Power Supplies
    • Vehicular Un-interruptible Power supply
    • High efficiency step-up/step-down DC/DC